The Employee Adoption Checklist is detailed below.  To download a copy, click here.

Before your Adoption Leave

Visit the Adoption page on P&OAnytime and read the Council’s Teachers Adoption Guidance.  This provides full details of adoption process and the provisions you may be entitled to.           

Complete and return to your manager the Application for Adoption Leave form Teachers along with the completed matching certificate or parental order in the case of surrogacy within 7 days of being notified by the adoption agency that you have been matched or as soon as possible. You will receive confirmation of your adoption information along with your date of return to work from People and Organisation (within 5 days of People and Organisation receiving the forms from your line manager).        

If applicable, consider whether you wish to remain in the childcare voucher or other salary sacrifice schemes as early into pregnancy as possible. Cancellation needs to be processed by the beginning of the 8th week before the matching week or expected week of birth for surrogacy to provide the highest level of adoption pay.     

Advise your line manager of forthcoming pre-adoption meetings in as far advance as possible, providing evidence. In the case of surrogacy advise your line manager of appointments to accompany the birth mother to up to 2 antenatal appointments.

Consider your adoption leave and pay entitlement.

If applicable, consider whether you and your partner may be eligible and wish to opt into Shared Parental Leave and Pay.  

With your manager, discuss and agree contact during the leave period and the use of KIT days.           

Discuss with your manager your workload any handover arrangements.       

During your Adoption Leave

Maintain the agreed contact with your manager.     

Discuss with your manager the use of KIT days or use them as previously agreed (10 maximum).           

If you wish to return to work early (i.e. before the end of your 52 week adoption leave period) then you must complete the Notification of Early Return to Work Form Teachers and submit to your Line Manager at least 28 days before early return date.        

Discuss with your manager plans for your return to work.           

If you are considering flexible working on your return to work, discuss this with your manager as far in advance as possible and submit the application form prior to your return.       

Confirm your actual return date with your manager, including any annual leave which has been accrued (accrued annual leave and public holidays will be calculated for the full period during which you were on adoption leave).   

End of Adoption Leave

Discuss and agree with your line manager how you will use any accrued annual leave and public holidays.      

Discuss with your manager, arrangements for your return, including your job and receiving appropriate updates eg a new system

Review flexible working arrangements, if appropriate.      

If applicable, consider whether you wish to re-instate your childcare vouchers (or any other salary sacrifice schemes) when you return to work and are in receipt of pay. If you do, you should send a written request to and your request will be effective from the next available pay period.           

If you decide not to return to work submit your resignation in writing to your line manager.         

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