The purpose of this section is to:
  • Recap some of the key things to bear in mind and action to take before you leave the organisation
  • Alert you to information that could be useful for your future beyond ACC
  • Flag the support which is available to you.
Some practicalities to bear in mind:

Informing Others

  • Let people know you’re leaving; especially those outwith your immediate team and those you are working on particular projects with – this way they can start to plan ahead and arrange handovers
  • Cancel any meetings or appointments that are due to take place after you leave or arrange a substitute if this is more relevant


  • Chat to your line manager about the best way to use the remainder of your time in ACC, especially if you’re not working your notice

Capturing your knowledge and sharing your experience of working with ACC

  • During your time at ACC you’ll have built up a wealth of knowledge, contacts and skills which are greatly valued by the organisation. It’s important that you ensure key knowledge is transferred to others and is available to assist in future service provision. There’s separate Knowledge Transfer Guidance that takes you through the main steps of transferring your knowledge and staying in touch.
  • Also included, is guidance on completing the leavers’ questionnaire so that we can capture your experience of working in ACC. This will help to inform the steps we might take to improve the experience for existing and future employees


  • Get your files/emails in order (if they’re not already) so that it’s easy for others to pick up
  • Ensure you hand back your badge, keys to lockers/ cabinets, PPE and any IT equipment such as laptops and mobile phones
  • Please ensure you print or email Payslips and P60’s to your personal email as you will be unable to access YourHR once you leave. Your final payslip and P45 will be posted to your home address.

Using up any outstanding annual leave

As mentioned in your letter, you should ensure that you take the relevant proportion of your annual leave before your leaving date, as payments in lieu will not be granted. You can contact or call 01224 523939 if you are unsure how much leave you still need to take.

Did you know?

Aberdeen City Council provides a free, confidential, 24-hour counselling service, 365 days a year called Time for Talking. This is still available to you up to 3 months after you have left the organisation! If you are interested in speaking to someone face to face, on the telephone, or via email then click here for further details.

Pension Advice

For specific advice on your pension please contact the relevant provider:

 What about my future beyond ACC?

Go here to find out about a range of options for your future beyond ACC


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