Online Learning (formerly known as ‘OIL’) has now moved to a new site   
This new platform is called ‘ACC Learn‘ and the link to access this online training is:

Please remove any saved links you have to the OIL site and add the above link for ACC Learn

Your initial questions answered:

  • OIL is no longer active – OIL is no longer in use, however all the online learning / courses are available on ACC Learn via the link above.  If you still have access to OIL, please do not complete any training there as we cannot transfer this over.
  • Need help to sign in to ACC Learn? – Further down on this page you can read a guide or watch a video to help.
  • Sign in using your usual work email address + password – To log into ACC Learn just use your full email address and usual network password (your full ACC email address and the password you use to sign in to your work computer).
  • List of courses you’ve completed are not currently visible – The OIL system showed you the courses you had completed in the past – at present these courses are not visible however the People Development team are working on a way to ensure you can see this historical information.
  • New Mandatory Training is available for all staff to complete – Once you log in to ACC Learn you’ll see some mandatory training courses you’ve not seen before.  These training courses must be completed by all staff unless you have already completed this previously in OIL.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) can create/update courses – The experts on subjects for online training are mostly in each service area rather than a central corporate training team – so ACC Learn can be used by SME’s in your team to update and create the training that you need.  The People Development team can advise on when/if this is appropriate/possible.
  • Temporary User Access – In the past you needed to ask for access to online learning for non Council employees, but this is no longer needed.  As long as a worker has an ACC email address/normal network login, they can access ACC Learn in the same way as ACC employees.  If someone without an ACC email address requires access, a manager from the service area they support should contact the People Development team.
  • Having trouble viewing the courses? – Using Google Chrome to view courses can cause issues.  Please use Internet Explorer or MS Edge instead (see the logging in guide or video guide below). 

Guides and other resources:

Please click on the Video or User Guide below for  additional information on how to use ACC Learn.

Who to contact if you need help:

If after reviewing the information/training above you still have questions, please email the People Development team in the People & Organisational Development Cluster with your query on: .  Please include ‘ACC Learn’ in the subject bar of your email.

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