Travel Application Claim Form

When travel arrangements are required to be made for employees of the Council, all claims should be on the Travel Application Claim Form and must be completed by or on behalf of the individual travelling.



The travel application form must detail the full name of the person travelling, service code, payroll number (if an employee) and contact number, travel details and the reason for the journey.

The application form must be submitted to your Service and authorised by the designated signatories within the Service.  Every effort should be taken to ensure that the person authorising the travel is more senior than the traveller, e.g. an Admin Officer should not authorise a Head of Service’s travel. Corporate Directors require the authority of the Chief Executive.

All travel will be standard class travel unless there is a strong business need for first class travel which is authorised by the Chief Executive or Corporate Director.

Travel application requests should be returned to and processed centrally via the Travel Team (see contact details below). Centralisation of this task provides Services with a central point of contact to direct all their enquiries and information requests.

Travel Application forms are retained by Corporate Governance and the information is used to create Pecos orders for processing by Accounts Payable.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Travel Team

Tel: 01224 522323



It is Council policy to have hotels invoice the Council. This enables us to claim back the V.A.T. The Council use Expotel, a hotel booking agency which offers many reduced rates in hotel costs. Some small hotels will not invoice but they will accept payment by the Council’s Corporate Credit Cards. No Service should be booking hotel accommodation without first checking with the Travel Team.

There is a 24 hour maximum limit which has to cover Bed And Breakfast; Lunch and Evening Meal. The current rates are as follows:

  • Overnight rate – London £131.00
  • Overnight rate – U.K. (excluding London) £110.00

The above rates can only be exceeded with the written authority of your Head of Service.

If an Officer stays with family or friends instead of a hotel, they are entitled to a 24 hour rate of £25.00.


Subsistence allowances will be payable to officers who are prevented by their official duties from taking a meal at their home, administrative centre or establishment where they normally take their meals, and thereby incur additional expenditure. The allowance shall not be paid where a suitable meal is provided or the officer has been previously reimbursed.

The maximum allowances are as follows:

  • Breakfast: £8.00
  • Lunch: £12.00
  • Evening Meal: £25.00

Services should request receipts to verify that expenditure has been incurred. Subsistence claims are made on the Travel Application Claim Form.

Overseas Travel

Request for overseas travel should be made using a travel application form, sent to the Travel Team. Subsistence will be paid by rates governed by HMRC and requests should be submitted on a foreign currency request form  and sent to the travel team, where it will be calculated and ordered.

Advances are only available if an Officer is travelling overseas. If we are unable to pay a hotel in advance or agree for a hotel to invoice the Council, an advance can be arranged by your Head of Service, in cases of hardship.


Floats above £25.00 have to requested via memo/e-mail to the Head of Service Corporate Governance and c.c. Travel Team detailing amount required and purpose of visit.

All currency issued as a float must be receipted and any excess returned to the Travel Team within 7 days of journey.

Rail Travel Guidelines

All rail tickets are printed and distributed by the Travel Team, 1st Floor West, Marischal College.   The tickets will be checked against the application forms and distributed to the appropriate traveller.

All rail travel will be second class unless authorised by a Corporate Director or Chief Executive before Travel Section can proceed with booking.

Any urgent requests can be dealt with but special arrangements have to be made by Services to collect these tickets from the Travel Team at 1st Floor South, Marischal College within normal working hours, therefore where possible, these should be kept to a minimum.


Taxis should only be used where no cheaper alternative is available. In all cases, receipts should be obtained and reimbursement claimed on the monthly Travel Application Claim Form.


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