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The Equal Pay Policy and Statement was revised and approved at the Staff Governance Committee on 4th May 2018.   To see a summary of the changes made, click here.

The Council is committed to the principle of equal pay for all employees. It aims to eliminate any bias in its pay systems, understanding that equal pay is a legal right under domestic law. It is in the interest of the Council to ensure that we have fair and just pay systems.

It is important that employees have confidence in the process of eliminating bias.  In this respect the Council is committed to working with the recognised trade unions to ensure the provision of equal pay. 

The Council believes that in eliminating any unlawful bias in its pay system it is sending a positive message to both staff and customers. It makes good business sense to have a fair, transparent reward system and it helps to control costs. It is recognised that avoiding unfair discrimination will improve morale and enhance efficiency.


  • Eliminate any unfair, unjust or unlawful practices that impact on pay, and
  • Take appropriate remedial action.
  • Conduct equal pay reviews in line with Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) guidance.
  • Plan, develop and implement actions together with recognised trade unions.
  • Provide training and guidance for those involved in pay assessment.
  • Inform employees of how pay assessment works in practice and how their own pay is determined
  • Monitor pay statistics annually.
  • Work with recognised trades unions to deliver equal pay across the workforce we employ.


The Equal Pay Statement provides detail and explanation about how policy objectives will  be achieved.


The Equal Pay Policy and Statement will be monitored and reviewed every 3 years. Any changes will be put in place following normal consultation arrangements.

To find out more, please see our Equal Pay Policy and Statement 2018.


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