Teachers’ Job Sizing Guidance

Guidance on the job sizing process is available on the SNCT website under the Guidance section.

Job Sizing Appeals Procedure

Where there is a faillure to agree the following process will apply:

  1. Any difficulties in agreeing the questionnaire should be resolved within the school wherever possible. If disagreements cannot be resolved in school, they will be referred in the first instance, to two other Job Sizing Co-ordinators (including one nominated by teachers’ organisations).
  2. If agreement cannot be reached, the issue will be referred by the Job Sizing Co-ordinators to the Job Sizing Senior Manager.
  3. If the issue cannot be resolved within the Job Sizing Team, it will be referred to the Joint Secretaries of the Local Negotiating Committee for Teachers (LNCT).
  4. Any individual teacher still dissatisfied with the outcome has a right of appeal to the Education and Leisure Committee. However, only matters of fact relating to what is recorded on the questionnaire document will be considered as competent matters for appeal.

An electronic version of the procedure is also available.

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