Job Share Scheme for Teaching Staff


Job Sharing is defined as the voluntary sharing by two persons of all duties of an established full-time post with the salary and appropriate aspects of conditions of service shared on a pro-rata basis according to the hours worked by each job-sharer.


The scheme applies to established full-time posts and, at the discretion of the Director of Education, will be available to all existing and prospective employees in both unpromoted and promoted posts in nursery, primary, secondary and special education schools, and to advisers and educational psychologists, and to other staff covered by the Conditions of Service of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teaching Staff (SNCT).

No person employed under the SNCT Conditions will be precluded from the opportunity to be considered for job sharing;  any person not provided for within this scheme shall have an application considered on its individual merits.  Such considerations will be given with positive regard to the promotion of equal opportunities for all staff employed by the Authority and in line with Aberdeen City Council’s commitment to equal opportunities and Smarter Working.  

Applying for Job Share

Requests to be considered for job share should be submitted in writing to the Head Teacher at least 8 weeks prior to the proposed start date for the job share arrangement.

Where it is considered that the job share arrangement cannot be accommodated, written reasons for this decision will be given.

Further detail including the administration of the scheme and the salary and conditions of service can be found in the full guidance document below. 

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