Code of Practice on the Role of the Chartered Teacher


 Agreement was reached by the SNCT on the Role of the Chartered Teacher (SNCT 09/14). The Code of Practice is now incorporated into the SNCT handbook.(Part 2 para 9.22 Appendix 2.16)

Aberdeen City Council welcomes the code and the clarification in the guidance from SNCT of the leadership role played by Chartered Teachers in leading learning and supporting colleagues. We also acknowledge the potential which those working towards the standard have to bring benefits to the school and wider educational community through the impact of their professional actions.

We note that the four components in the Standard for Chartered Teacher will be displayed by our Chartered Teachers:

  • Professional Values  and Personal Commitment
  • Professional Knowledge and Understanding
  • Professional Skills and Abilities
  • Associated Professional Actions

We also note that the Chartered Teacher remains primarily a classroom teacher and at no point should be regarded as part of the school management team. The contribution of the Chartered Teacher should be consistent with the duties of a teacher as set out in the SNCT handbook, the main focus being learning and teaching within the agreed 35 hour working week and the school’s working time agreement. The Chartered Teacher’s experience, interests, CPD and programmes of study undertaken will be reflected in their contribution to the life of the school and the Local Authority as a whole.

The Professional Review and Development process enables discussion around the potential contribution of the Chartered Teacher in the school, taking account of the above and the revised Standard for Chartered Teachers. These discussions should also explore any relevant Authority-wide initiatives and projects to which the Chartered Teacher could contribute.

There will be an expectation of all Chartered Teachers that they demonstrate impact and evidence of sustained enhanced practice and collaboration with, and influence on, colleagues.

There will be an expectation that school managers in leading the PR&D process are fully aware of the revised Standard in the SNCT guidance.

There follows a summary of the range of activities which Chartered Teachers can undertake.

Leadership of Learning

The expectation that Chartered teachers as well as others will take on an element of distributive leadership.

Examples might be to lead on a Project Plan in next session’s School Improvement Plan; lead a working group; promote inclusiveness; develop new approaches to learning

Professional Actions

Taking a leading role in the development and implementation of change in current and future initiatives.  For example, introducing projects such as eco schools, citizenship.

Supporting, Advising and Mentoring Colleagues

All Chartered Teachers should demonstrate, promote and lead effective quality learning and teaching and effective innovative practice in and out of the classroom.

For example – Mentoring probationers; working in partnership with Higher Education on Initial teacher education; sharing good practice; supporting colleagues embarking on the Chartered Teacher route.

Developing Aspects of the Curriculum and Leading on Assessment in the School

Working across the curriculum on assessment; evaluating the impact of the curriculum

Leading In-service on Research or Development Work

A leadership role in supporting colleagues in a range of activities to aid understanding of new initiatives across the school.

Developing Relationships in School and Beyond into the Wider Community

Working with a range of partners to promote and sustain good practice and maximum positive impact on young people.

Aberdeen City Council has the following expectations of:

  • Chartered Teachers
  • Head Teachers

We will in turn make commitments to support the Code of Practice.

Chartered Teachers will be Expected to:

  • Inform their Head Teacher before embarking on the scheme to ensure the requirements of the programme are matched to 35 hour annual CPD
  • Agree the enhanced contribution they may make to the school through the PR & D process
  • Ensure that the modular programme followed links to key school development priorities
  • Expect to have the same class committed time as other class teachers
  • Relate practice to school aims
  • Reflect and evaluate on practice
  • Ensure practice is informed by reading and research
  • Create and sustain a positive climate for learning
  • Use a variety of strategies to enhance individual pupil’s learning
  • Contribute to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in the school
  • Publicise and promote the Chartered Teacher programme
  • Regularly reflect on professional development against the revised standard
  • Maintain a CPD portfolio to include evidence of deployment against the revised standard

Head Teachers will be Expected to:

  • Agree through the PR&D process the contribution to be made by Chartered Teachers and their development needs
  • Ensure adequate resources are provided including time within the Working Time Agreement
  • Ensure the reviewer for Chartered Teachers ( PR&D) use the revised Standard and the code of practice

Aberdeen City Council will Commit to:

  • Publicising and promoting  the Chartered Teacher Programme
  • Establishing a collaborative network of Chartered Teachers including  a city-wide GLOW site
  • Review PR&D arrangements to ensure appropriate advice, training and guidance is available for those reviewing Chartered Teachers
  • Develop an understanding among the teaching profession of the role and potential of the Chartered Teacher
  • Share good practice city-wide

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