Abatement of Annual Leave

This is an extract from Part 2, Section 6 (Prolonged Sickness and Annual Leave) of the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) Handbook  

6.39 Where a teacher or music instructor, owing to certified sickness, has not taken, or will be unable to take, the statutory leave entitlement (28 days), within a leave year, he/she shall receive the appropriate balance of leave to bring his/her total leave to the statutory leave entitlement for that leave year. Such leave will normally be carried forward into the following leave year. Pro rata arrangements shall apply to part time staff and those employed for any part of the leave year. Where a teacher or music instructor is carrying forward a compensatory leave entitlement and a statutory leave entitlement the total of such leave shall not exceed the maximum statutory leave entitlement.

6.40 A teacher or music instructor is entitled to take, in full or in part, the appropriate balance of leave up to the statutory leave provision during a period of sickness absence. Where such leave is taken during a period of sickness absence, pay shall be the normal pay for each day (inclusive of Statutory Sick Pay and replacing Sickness Allowance).

6.41 Where a period of leave is substituted for a period of sickness absence, as set out in paragraph 6.38 above, the substituted leave period shall not count towards the entitlement period for payment of Sickness Allowance, but will count towards entitlement for Statutory Sick Pay.

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