If you work a non-standard working week, you will be interested in the Non-Standard Working Week Guidance which will help you understand the calculations and payments.

Understanding the Calculation and Payment of Non Standard Working Week Allowance (NSWW)

NSWW is a permanent allowance paid every month in salary to employees who as part of their normal working hours work ‘unsocial hours’.

There are two rates of NSWW allowance – 40% and 33%. NSWW allowance at 40% is paid for any hours worked over a weekend from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday.  For example if an employee worked 4 hours from 10pm to 2am without a break on a;

  • Friday night they would be paid 2 hours at 33% and 2 hours at 40%
  • Sunday night they would be paid 2 hours at 40% and 2 hours at 33%

NSWW allowance at 33% is paid for hours worked as part of a normal working week
between the hours of 8pm-7am Monday to Friday. It mostly affects employees who
are on a rota, but employees who are not on a rota and, for example, start work at
6am Monday to Friday should be paid 1 hour NSWW at 33% for each day. Only one allowance at a time is due.

For examples when this allowance is paid please see the Non-Standard Working Week Guidance.


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