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UPDATE: 9th December 2019

Annual Leave for 2020 can now be booked through the new CoreHR system.  References on this page to booking leave through the YourHR system will be removed/updated shortly.  To find out how to book Annual Leave on CoreHR click on the button opposite:

This page will guide employees and managers through the organisation and management of Annual Leave, providing an overview in relation to your entitlement, information on requesting leave, the process to carry forward any outstanding leave along with much more.

1. Annual Leave Entitlement

The Council’s annual leave year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December. 

Annual leave is accrued for each completed calendar day of service with Aberdeen City Council. 

In order to accrue a year of continuous service, an employee must start on or before the 5th January in any given year.  This applies to all employees covered by the EP&M terms and conditions.

Your annual leave entitlement is based on the number of continuous years’ service you have:

  • Up to 5 years’ continuous service: 27 days annual leave
  • After completion of 5 years’ continuous service: 32 days annual leave
  • After completion of 10 years’ continuous service: 35 days annual leave

Staff employed under Craftworkers terms and conditions of employment:

  • For less than 5 years’ continuous service: 25 days
  • For five years’ continuous service or more: 30 days
  • For ten years’ continuous service or more: 35 days

The additional annual leave due after 5 or 10 years continuous service will be applied from the 1st January of the following annual leave year.

It is the responsibility of Managers to ensure that each individual’s allocation of holidays are taken within the given 12 month period, as far as possible.

2. Qualifying Service for Annual Leave & Occupational Sick Pay Entitlement

Under the Conditions of Service for EP&M employees and Craft Workers, all previous Continuous Service with employers listed in the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government) (Modification) Orders (which covers local Authorities and related bodies) requires to be taken into account when determining an employee’s entitlement to annual leave and occupational sick pay.

It should be noted that previous Continuous Service with any Organisation not covered by the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government, etc) (Modification) Orders is not qualifying service for these purposes.

Continuity will be broken if there is a break in service of more than a week between two contracts. In this context a ‘week’ is a continuous period beginning on Sunday and ending at midnight the following Saturday.

When an employee claims to have previous continuous qualifying service that should be taken into account for the purposes of annual leave and occupational sick pay, the employee must provide written evidence of their commencement and termination dates with the former employer(s) for verification. Without such written evidence, any continuous service cannot be recognised and as such their qualifying service will begin from the date they commenced employment with Aberdeen City Council.

In the absence of written verified evidence of previous continuous qualifying service, new employees will only receive the minimum entitlement to annual leave and occupational sick pay.

Where an employee returns to Local Government Service following a break for maternity reasons, they will be entitled to have previous service taken into account in respect of the sickness and maternity schemes. This applies as long as the break in service does not exceed eight years and the employee has not undertaken paid employment during the break. In respect of annual leave entitlement the eight year time limit does not apply, as long as the employee has not undertaken paid employment during the break.

3.  Multiple Contracts and Continuous Service

Where an employee has a permanent contract of employment and then gives
up a number of hours on their substantive post to take up the equivalent
number of hours on a permanent basis in a different post with the Council, the
continuous service start date will be the same for both contracts. This will be
applied for the purposes of annual leave entitlement, sick pay entitlement and
in the event of redundancy.  Click here to see Guidance on this.

4. Carrying Forward Annual Leave

It is the responsibility of Line Managers to ensure that the full annual leave entitlement within their team has been taken within the current leave year (which runs from 1st January to 31st December).

To ensure (as far as possible) that potential difficulties can be averted, it is imperative that Line Managers monitor and ensure appropriate staggering of employees’ leave to reduce build up towards the end of the year.

It may not always be possible for employees to take their full leave entitlement during the current leave year e.g. due to exceptional work commitments occurring near the end of the leave year, Maternity Leave or Long Term Sickness therefore, in such exceptional circumstances, a Chief Officer can authorise up to 5 days (or equivalent hours where leave is calculated in hours) of outstanding leave to be carried forward to the following leave year.  This must be in accordance with the Council’s agreed arrangements and exigencies of the service. 

The below guidance will be updated shortly as carry forward of leave from 2020 into 2021 will now require to be processed via CoreHR

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