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Online Interactive Learning (OIL)

Online Interactive Learning (OIL) is the Council’s eLearning portal. It contains a wide range of courses that are available wherever and whenever you would like to access them.

OIL is accessible from any computer or device at home or at work. Simply type the URL into your browser or access it directly using the link at the top of this page. Add it to your favourites bar for easy access in the future.

What’s available on OIL?

Please see the document here for a list of courses available on OIL.

Induction Courses for New Starts

When you first start at the Council there are a number of eLearning modules that you should complete to familiarise yourself with our objectives, policies and procedures. These are covered in the four eInduction modules available under the ‘Aberdeen City Council’s eInduction programme’.  Mandatory courses that all new Employees should complete:

  • eInduction Part 1 – Introduction
  • eInduction Part 2 – Our culture
  • eInduction Part 3 – Preventing Terrorism
  • eInduction Part 4 – Conclusion

Induction for Employees

How to Remove Pop-up Blockers

Pop up blockers are the main reason that people experience issues with OIL. OIL should work well in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome however the Pop-Up blockers that are active on the browsers can cause issues with the website displaying the courses.  To avoid issues with pop up blockers you should add to the whitelist in your browser. This means that all pop ups from OIL will be allowed, this will reduce the risk of your scores not saving successfully or having issues with a course loading.

To add OIL to the Whitelist in Internet Explorer follow these instructions:

  1. On the Internet Explorer address bar click the gear icon which is on the furthest right next to the address bar
  2. Select Internet Options from the drop down menu
  3. Then select the Privacy tab at the top of the screen
  4. Click on settings, under the heading for pop-up blocker.
  5. Type in into the bar that says ‘Address of website to allow’ and click add

N.B. Do not turn the pop up blocker off completely as this will allow other sites pop-ups to appear.

This will allow Pop-Ups only from the OIL website. The OIL website does not contain pop ups however the courses can sometimes be mistaken as pop ups by the browsers.

To add OIL to the Whitelist in Google Chrome:

  1. Click the three vertical Dots on the right hand side of the address bar.
  2. Click settings in the drop down menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Show advanced settings’
  4. Then under the heading Privacy click Content Settings button
  5. Scroll down to the Pop-Up heading.
  6. Click ‘Manage Exceptions’
  7. Add in the box and hit the return key. Making sure that the box says allow.
  8. Click done at the bottom.

N.B. Do not turn the pop up blocker off completely by changing the setting as this will allow nuisance pop ups from other sites appearing.

For further information on OIL please see the OIL Frequently Asked Questions


If you would like more information or have any questions on Online Interactive Learning, any of the current online courses available or would like to suggest improvements or new titles for the online course catalogue you can contact us by the following means:

Access to ALDO Online Interactive Learning

As members of the North East Learning Collaborative (NELC) all staff of Aberdeen City Council can now get access to 220 online courses available in ALDO

  • ALDO is Aberdeenshire Council’s online learning system equivalent to OIL.
  • To get a login and instructions where to find the site please email
  • The login and instructions will be emailed to your work email.
  • Please follow the instructions and log into ALDO.

NB You will not be able to book onto Aberdeenshire’s face-to-face training.

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