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You will find a full A – Z list of all People and Organisational Development Policies and Procedures on this page

£500 Complaints Process

Access to work Scheme Guidance Managers

Adoption Guidance Issue

Career Break policy

Certificate of Protection of Pension Benefits

Consultation Protocol

Craft Worker Annual Leave and Public Holiday Guidance

Death in Service protocol

Disability Guidance

Disability Leave Guidance Issue

Bullying & Harassment Guidance

Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedure

Disciplinary Policy


Discipline – Guidance for managers

Diversity & Equalities Monitoring Statistics

Diversity and Equality Policy

Employee code of conduct

Employee Development Policy

Employee Status Guidance

Employing Foreign Nationals Guidance

EPM Annual Leave and Public Holiday Guidance

Equal Pay Policy

Extension of Occupation sick pay guidelines

Failure to attend work due to bad weather

Family Friendly Policy

FAQ Transgender Equality and Transitioning in the Workplace Issue

FAQ Transgender Equality Transitioning in Workplace Employee

Gender Based Violence guidance

Grievances Guidance for Managers

Grievances Policy and Procedure

Guidance for Managers on Early Conciliation

Guidance on continuous service for multiple contracts

Guidance on Higher Graded Duties Payments

Guidance on Salary placing

Ill Health Retirement Guidance

Initial Salary Placement for Teaching Staff Protocol

IR 35 Guidance

IVF Guidance

Job-Share Scheme for Teachers

Leaver Support Scheme

Local Salary Progression Scheme

Local Salary Progression Scheme

Maternity Guidance

Overtime payment for employees with multiple contracts Guidance

Paternity Guidance

Pay Transition Arrangements

Process for Rule of 85 cases

Providing References Guidance for Managers

PVG Guidance Final

Qualifying Service for Annual Leave and Sickness Allowance Entitlement

Recruitment and Selection guidance

Redeployment Procedure

Redundancy Policy

Retirement Guidance For Managers

Retirement Policy

Relocation Guidance

Relocation Policy

School Rationalisation or Restructuring Job Matching Protocol For Teaching Staff

Secondment Procedure

Shared parental leave and pay guidance teachers

Shared parental leave and pay guidance

Sickness Allowance Returning to Work on a phased basis

Substance Misuse Guidance for Managers

Substance Misuse Policy Procedure

Use of Locating Systems in Vehicles and Devices Policy

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