Raising The Bar

Most of you are already delivering great customer service, the aim of this e-learning course is to raise the bar even further. You are about to embark on a 6 week course, each of the 3 modules consists of some learning followed by some practice.


As a council we are clear that the culture we require is one of high performance, improvement and innovation supported by our Guiding Principles and We CARE Charter & Commitments;

  • A culture focused on our customers where we seek to anticipate their needs

  • Where we seek to make every encounter with a customer a positive experience

  • Where we seek to get it right with every customer, 100% of the time

Candidates need to register/sign in

A further 2, online modules are sent over the next few weeks after the welcome module and these are:

Module One:        http://internalblog/csknowledge/raising-the-bar-module-one-welcome/

Module Two:        http://internalblog/csknowledge/raising-the-bar-module-two-welcome-back/

Module Three:     http://internalblog/csknowledge/raising-the-bar-module-three-hello/

Please note, the learning is available via the CS Toolkit, therefore, once you access the modules we are able to track stages of learning, your input is recorded which is then used as your commitments to delivering excellent customer service.

It is recommended that:

  • You/Your Line-Manager makes time available for you to complete each module.
  • You will need access to a computer with the sound on / headphones
  • Each module will take up to 40 minutes per module
  • That you let you Line-Manager know if you’re unable to complete a module
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