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  • Phrase Cards

    Phrase Cards

    Phrase Cards Do you often have challenging or emotive conversations with customers that you find hard to progress or wonder how to offer the right support? The Customer Feedback team have kindly provided a link …Read More »
  • New Customer Experience Tip: Relative Understanding

    New Customer Experience Tip: Relative Understanding

    RELATIVE UNDERSTANDING One way to deliver truly empathetic customer service is to imagine your customer is a close relative. You’d be sure to give a close relative your best advice. You’d demonstrate patience, understanding, and …Read More »


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Customer Academy


We CARE Charter & Commitments

Our We CARE Charter has now launched. You can view more about it here!

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Guiding Principles

Read more about the Guiding Principles and understand how they influenced the We CARE Charter & Commitments.

Guiding Principles

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"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"
Bill Gates
Microsoft Corporation
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