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High performing teams are those who are happy and engaged with what they do and who believe in where the organisation is going.

Teams are often made up of diverse individuals with different skills and preferences. For teams to pull together and be effective they need to have a common goal and at the same time, respect the individual perspectives of their colleagues.

The People Development Team can design and facilitate a number of team building sessions for you. If this is of interest please contact us on the details below.

Alternatively, we have put together a number of toolkits which you can use to self-facilitate sessions as and when you see fit. See below for more information.

What is available for my team?

• Team building – a range of exercises to help build a common vision or sense of purpose
• Facilitated sessions – to help structure a team discussion
• Psychometrics – such as Jigsaw, Aston and MBTI to understand individual and team preferences, strengths and blind spots.


A number of toolkits have been put together for you to use in order to facilitate discussions in your team:

  • Trust Toolkit–what are levels of trust like in your team? What are the blockers to trust? How can we improve relationships?
  • Motivation and Engagement– how engaged and motivated are the team? What needs to be put in place to improve engagement levels? Find the accompanying HeadsUp Engagement Powerpoint here.
  • Embedding the Behaviours– does the team live by the organisational behaviours? What do the behaviours mean to the team? What areas need to be improved?
  • Change Checklist – what steps need to be taken to make sure your team is ready for a change? Why are people reacting differently to change? What level of clarity is there around the change?

Contacts – how to sign up to programmes:

If you are interested in contacting  the People Development team about a requirement then please do so using the details below.

Main Contact
Phone –523897
Email –

Further Resources

This section includes other internal and external resources such as articles, blogs or which can help you to make the most of your learning as a team within the council.

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