Aberdeen City Council Capability Framework

Level 3

To act effectively as one team each of us needs to:

  • Work collaboratively with colleagues, other teams, across the council and with partners
  • Support each other’s health, safety and wellbeing
  • Look for opportunities to share and make best use of all our assets, resources and data


What this looks like when we're at our best ...

  • We are open, honest and transparent
  • We find ways to work together rather than reasons not to
  • We pull our weight – we rely on each other and can be relied on
  • We look carefully at what already exists – we don’t ‘reinvent the wheel’
  • Everyone belongs – we create a good team spirit – no-one’s left behind – we include everyone
  • If we see an opportunity to help someone, we do so

What this looks like when we're at our worst...

  • Lack of communication – not passing information on
  • Creating division through hierarchy, cliques and silos
  • Poor collaborative work between teams
  • Passing the buck or playing the blame game
  • Ignoring each other’s needs, safety and wellbeing


Working collaboratively

I understand 

  • The role of the Community Planning Partnership 
  • The wider environment relating to my own area of responsibility 
  • The importance of collaborating with partners across the City to identify efficiencies 
  • When I should engage with Trade Union colleagues 


Working collaboratively

I show I can 

  • Work collaboratively across other functions, the organisation or City as appropriate
  • Work collaboratively to join up services efficiently around the needs of our customers
  • Facilitate groups with a range of views, helping everyone to see each other’s perspectives
  • Manage consultative processes in a group or forum
  • Negotiate firmly, tactfully, and persuasively in contentious situations to resolve differences and achieve outcomes

Supporting each other

I show I can 

  • Embed a culture of health, safety and well-being

Sharing and making best use of assets, resources and data

I understand

  • The value of data sharing to improve decision making 
  • How the services for which I have responsibility share and publish data and information 
  • The Council’s governance arrangements for making decisions on the structure, use and security of data 
  • The necessity of accurate data in enabling automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • The systems, software and processes the Council uses and how they link together

Sharing and making best use of assets, resources and data

I show I can

  • Lead and embed a culture of learning from each other and sharing knowledge freely within and across teams
  • Streamline processes across the Council and partners
  • Use common systems and software and exploit these to their full functionality
  • Use data visualisation tools
  • Set and gather meaningful metrics, measure and report on outcomes and impact

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