Aberdeen City Council Capability Framework

Level 4

To do this effectively each of us needs to:

  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Value others and celebrate success


What this looks like when we're at our best ...

  • We treat people with dignity and respect – we’re all equal – we’re all people
  • We act and speak in a way which is positive, motivating and encouraging
  • Thank you goes a long way – we appreciate each other
  • We notice, recognise and celebrate good work
  • We value everyone but call out poor performance when we see it

What this looks like when we're at our worst...

  • Plenty negative feedback but not so much positive
  • Deliberately putting someone else down
  • The more you do, the less thanks
  • Being spoken to like a child
  • Getting defensive
  • Using jargon


Equality and diversity

I understand 

  • How to create a culture which supports equality and diversity


Equality and diversity

I show I can 

  • Embed the principles of equality, diversity and inclusiveness

Valuing others and celebrating success

I understand 

  • How to motivate and inspire services or whole organisations
  • The importance of visible recognition schemes

Valuing others and celebrating success

I show I can 

  • Promote successes across the organisation and with partners

Click into each Guiding Principle below to explore what's needed from all our level four employees

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