We operate in an environment which is constantly 

evolving. Not only are the needs of our customers changing – but also other factors such as the economy and financial context, political influences, the environment and technology all have an impact on the way we provide our services.

Currently we have the benefit of a balanced budget, however, in the next couple of years the financial situation will shift and further challenges will be faced. We have a unique opportunity right now to transform the way that we work and the services that we provide, not only to meet the changing needs of the customer, but also to place the organisation in a strong position for the future.

It is important to remember that as a public sector organisation, we have a legal duty and responsibility to be open, transparent and accountable for spending public funds.

Our resources consist of people, finances, the environment in which we operate and our information and assets. As a leader you and your teams are responsible for future proofing these resources by managing the following:

Managing risks

Risk is a key responsibility of all managers across the council. Understanding the factors which can impact on our ability to provide effective services and deliver the outcomes we’re looking to achieve is important if we are to reduce negative impacts and maximise positive ones. This is known as risk management.

As managers, your role is to understand the wider environment in which the council operates and use this knowledge to identify new or emerging threats, uncertainties and opportunities. For threats and uncertainties you need to evaluate their severity and put in place measures to mitigate and control the likelihood of them occurring and the impact it might have if they do occur. In the case of opportunities, your task is to develop measures to enhance the benefits to be achieved.

In simple terms when planning/ taking service decisions you need to ask yourself what opportunities does this present? What might go wrong? What actions could be taken to mitigate this risk?

For more information see the Risk Management Homepage on the Zone.


Governance is about putting rules in place so that we can ensure that as a council all of our information, assets. finance and our environment are sustained and regulated in line with the interests of the citizens of Aberdeen. This means that we remain accountable and that any relationships with our customers and partners are based on fairness and transparency.

In simple terms when planning/ taking service decisions you need to ask yourself who is responsible for what? Who holds the overall accountability for the decision of the project? How are we going to ensure that decisions are regulated in the interests of our stakeholders? What happens if they aren’t?


Sustainability looks after people, finance, assets, information and the environment so that as an organisation we can meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future. It is no longer a marginal matter, it is a business critical issue on a global scale. It requires sustainability to be placed at the centre of the organisation’s decision making.

In simple terms when planning / taking service decisions you need to ask yourself: How does this decision impact on people, finance, assets, information and the environment? Can it continue long term? 

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