Aberdeen City Council Capability Framework

Brand new to Aberdeen City Council, the Capability Framework lists the skills, knowledge and behaviours that we need from every single employee. 

There are four levels of the framework, which reflect the increasing levels of responsibility different people hold in the organisation.

Why is this being introduced?

Since our Council has changed so much over the last couple of years – and will continue to do so – it’s important that we clarify what knowledge, skills and behaviour we need from all of our public servants in this new transforming organisation.

The Capability Framework gives us clarity and direction for our own personal and career development and a shared understanding of what’s expected of all of us. 

It also means that we can build up a picture across the whole council of where the experts are and where we need to focus development and support. 

What will it used for?

The framework will be an important part of Continuous Review and Development (CR&D). 

It will also be used for recruiting to roles, moving talent around the organisation, managing performance and workforce planning. 

As an individual you can also use it to plan your own development and career. If you’re working at level one, for example, you can look at level two and start developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours to make your next jump. 

What happens now?

From November 2019, everyone will be asked to complete their Capability Framework self-assessment online as part of CR&D.  The level allocated to your role will appear automatically when you log into CoreHR.  The whole self-assessment should take around 40 minutes but remember you don’t have to complete it all at once,  You can save and return at any point.  

Click the buttons below to famliarise yourself with the skills, knowledge and behaviour needed for your level – or to review what’s required at other levels. 

For a copy of the full Capability Framework please click here


Level 1 is for everyone

We need all our employees to be leaders of their own area of work. This means delivering what’s expected, contributing effectively to the work of their team and taking responsibility for continuous self and service improvement. 


Level 2 is for people with responsibility for leading people, projects or managing resources (like buildings, rotas, budgets etc)

At this level, we need people who lead others or projects to inspire and influence others to perform at their best. 


Level 3 is for people who lead service delivery and / or manage managers.

At this level, people are needed to effectively lead teams and other leaders to improve service delivery. 


Level 4 is leaders of the whole organisation.

We need our senior leaders to take strategic responsibility across the whole organisation and city, inspire direction and purpose for their whole function/cluster and deliver skillful transformational leadership. 

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