I’m a Tele-worker

As a tele-worker you have entered into a formal agreement with ACC that your normal workplace is based outside ACC premises, generally at home. As such, you will have been issued with the required technology and guidance to perform your duties as if you were in an ACC office. During your normal duties working on an ACC-provided device connected securely to the ACC network, you will not need to take any additional precautions other than adhering to the ACC tele-worker, data protection and ICT acceptable use and encrypted media policies.

Jane is a tele-worker who works 90% of her time at home using an ACC-provided desktop PC and accessing the ACC network via a network connection set up by ICT. Jane should follow the same processes and procedures as an office-based worker paying particular heed to securing the workspace and access to her PC and any paper documents.

Tom is a tele-worker with the same setup as Jane who occasionally has to attend meetings at ACC offices and partner or client sites. Tom is required to present and share information at these events some of which might be personal or sensitive in nature. Tom should;

  • Follow the normal processes as Jane when working at home
  • Where possible, Tom should avoid physically transporting personal data between sites by saving it to a secure ACC network drive that he can access at either site.
  • Where physical transportation of sensitive data is required, Tom should use only an encrypted USB device provided by the ACC ICT Helpdesk.
  • Only take the paperwork required for the meeting rather than the whole file.
  • Keep any manual information secure and with him at all times.
  • Dispose of any personal data which is held in hard copy securely (e.g by putting it in confidential waste) if it is surplus to requirements.
  • Any loss of data should be immediately reported to your information officer/line manager in accordance with the Breach Reporting Procedure.

Jeff is a tele-worker who works similar patterns to Tom. He has been issued with an ACC laptop.

  • Jeff should follow the same procedures as Tom in relation to physically transporting personal data e.g only taking the paperwork required for the meeting rather than the whole file and keeping any manual information secure and with him at all times or using an encrypted USB stick.
  • Sensitive or personal data should never be saved onto the local (C:\) drive but instead should be saved on the network drive (when connected) or to an encrypted USB device supplied by ACC.

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