Annualised Working Hours Example Scheme

This is an example only.  The type of arrangements shown below might apply, for example, where an employee would like to work fewer hours per week during school holiday periods.

1.1       Annualised Hours

These are the total contracted number of hours required to be worked over a 12 month period which are expressed in the contract of employment.  The annual contracted hours for a full-time employee will be 1924 hours per year (average of 37 hours per week)

1.2       Working Year

This is a 12 month period commencing at the first day of January and ending the last day of December.

1.3       Working Limits per Period

For a total of 39 weeks of the year during school term time the employee will be required to work 105.4% of their contracted hours.  This is equivalent to 39 hours per week for a full-time (notional 37 hour per week) employee.

For the remaining 13 weeks of each year, each employee will be required to work for 83.8% of their notional contracted hours.  This is equivalent to 31 hours per week for a full-time (notional 37 hour per week) employee.

1.4       Flexible Working Hours

Employees will have flexibility to vary their start and finish times within the limits imposed by the scheme of Flexible Working Hours which operates at their workplace.  While this will allow limited flexibility in the working day, employees must ensure that they comply with the agreed working limits in each time period as shown at section 1.3.  Employees with an annualised hours working arrangement will NOT be entitled to take flexi-leave.

1.5       Annual Leave

The annual leave and public holiday entitlement will be calculated for the year and where appropriate on a pro-rata basis.

When requesting annual leave it will be deducted from the entitlement based on the number of hours due to be worked on the day for which leave is requested.

1.6       Recording Time Worked

The annualised working arrangements will be regularly monitored. Each employee will record their actual working time which must be within the minimum and maximum working limits per period.

 1.7       Abuse of the Scheme

The Annualised Hours Scheme relies heavily on the trust and co-operation of all employees.  It should be noted therefore that any abuse of the scheme will be regarded as a serious matter which will be dealt with in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure and provisions of the scheme removed where the scheme is being abused.

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