This document should include:

  • the reasons for the proposals (i.e. the business case). For example, how the proposals will help to improve service performance and delivery or support corporate objectives
  • financial implications (e.g. how proposals are to be funded)
  • the staffing implications (e.g. training, changes to working practices including any new ways of working, impact on size of the workforce)
  • health and safety considerations, including risk management
  • any initial feedback from staff or local shop stewards where “sounding out” discussions have taken place (see initial ideas)
  • an outline of any other options that were considered
  • a request for written views on the proposals with the consultation start and end dates clearly stated (see Section 4 for timescales). An email and/or online response should be provided
  • how it is proposed to take the proposals (with any amendments following consultation) forward (e.g. reporting to Committee). This could include an indicative timetable



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