Before commencing the consultation process, it is good practice for managers, through team meetings or workshops, to gather some initial thoughts and ideas from local shop stewards and the workforce whose employment is likely to be affected by proposals. This ‘testing of the water’ could include gathering initial feedback from officers from HR/legal/finance and other relevant managers in the organisation.

This may extend to Elected Members or external partners if they are likely to be affected by the proposals.

The Corporate and Service Union Management Committees can also be useful forums for this purpose.

This does not however constitute ‘formal’ consultation and count towards the required period for consultation.

If electing to start the process by informing trades unions of the proposals face to face, the proposals should then be provided in writing as quickly as possible thereafter.

The Lead Officer should keep a record of when the consultation process commenced and communication with the trades unions. The consultation period ends upon the expiry of that 14 day period unless a variation is agreed.


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