[National Agreement for Pay and Conditions

A national agreement on pay and conditions of service for local government services, including the full, current details of the National Joint Council for local government services covers the pay and conditions for local authority employees.

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Local Terms and Conditions

These Local terms and conditions of service have been determined locally and will apply to all staff employed by Aberdeen City Council except where separate National Negotiating arrangements are in place i.e. Chief Officials, Craft Workers and Teachers.

It is the Council’s aspiration that all employees be on one set of local terms and conditions of service and the Council will work towards achieving this arrangement. The Council will however, continue to recognise all National agreements and work with the Trade Unions to harmonise all local terms and conditions of service.

The terms and conditions detailed in this local agreement are the result of local negotiations on the implementation of the SJC for Local Government Employees (Red Book). Hence, these local terms and conditions will replace the provisions detailed in the former APT&C and Manual Worker Scheme of pay and conditions of service i.e. these replace existing terms and conditions protected under part 3 of the Red Book. In addition, where the terms and conditions are detailed within the local agreement, these will supersede those detailed in part 2 of the Red Book.

For the Local Terms and Conditions, click here.


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