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Aberdeen City Council are delighted to work with Career Ready who work in partnership with businesses and organisations to transform the life chances of young people at risk of not achieving their full potential. They are a charity whose mission is to empower young people, sustaining upward social mobility and building their social capital. Through the Career Ready programme and their network of employer supporters and schools, young people, aged 15/16-18 years, are connected to a world of work that is often not possible via their family, opening up opportunity for choice and change in their career destinies and therefore lives.  The aim is that every Career Ready student progresses to a sustained, positive post-school destination and is able to prosper in the world.

For more information see the Career Ready Mentor poster

“Can you help us?

Trading Standards are looking for a volunteer who is over 18 but under 25. We really need someone who always gets asked for ID when buying alcohol or cigarettes (if you buy these things at all).

We’re checking that shops are going through the right steps to prevent them selling tobacco or e-liquids to under 18s. 

You’ll be accompanied on the day and need to be willing to:

• Go into shops and ask for cigarettes or e-liquids (without ID)

• Let us know if you were sold the items you asked for or if they asked for ID

• You get your lunch bought for you

• You’ll be helping us make sure we’re supporting shops to stay within the law

We’ll need to get permission from your line manager. We’ll need you for around a day or two half days.

If you can help, please get in touch with Louise Baker ASAP

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