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If you lead people, you’ve got a special role to play in embedding the Guiding Principles and bringing about a new culture at work for the people you lead. 

Of course, everyone has a role to play – whether they’re paid to be a manager or not. The section should help you see what’s expected of you as a manager specifically. 

What you should ‘do’ with our Guiding Principles

It’s one thing having Guiding Principles defining what we want – and don’t want – to experience at work. But how can you, as a leader, make sure they’re brought to life in all that you and your team do? 

Our Guiding Principles shape our policies and processes, such as: 

  • Capability Framework
  • We Care Charter
  • Another example here

But they’re as much about the everyday tasks we do as they are about the wider way our services are provided and the way we run our teams. So what’s the best things that you can do? 

Lead by example

As a manager, you’re expected to reflect our values and behaviours yourself in the way you work. 

If you think about this week, would you say the way you went about your job reflected the behaviours in the Guiding Principles that the council expects of you? Would the last person you dealt with walked away feeling really valued? Would your team say that you include everyone and encourage working across teams? 

Think about how you can lead by example as you go forward and make the Guiding Principles integral to the way you do things.

Level 2 of the Capability Framework is for anyone in a line management position. Completing the self-assessment can help you see what’s expected, the feedback from your team will help you see how others perceive the way you lead.

Embed into your practice

There are some really practical things you can do to make sure that you are creating a culture that supports the Guiding Principles. Below you’ll find resources and ideas to support you. If you have found resources elsewhere that you’ve found useful, then pay it forward and share it with others. 

As a minimum

  1. Develop a sense of purpose and direction in your team – this should link to the Council Delivery Plan
  2. Develop a continuous improvement mindset in your team – so that people take pride in making things better.
  3. Build a sense of team – both within your team members and encouraging collaboration and sharing with others
  4. Build trust and develop a sense of responsibility by holding people accountable
  5. Recognise good work! 

For ideas about how you can do all these things, follow the links below. How you do it is up to you. 

Coming soon! 

Guiding Principles for your one-to-one conversations
Guiding Principles for Team Meetings
Guiding Principles for Decision Making

Coming soon! Here’s some advice from the Leadership Forum on how to embed the Guiding Principles into your teams… 

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